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m.powered bodies

Working with Mahena to build her personal training and coaching website was such a smooth process. She knew exactly what she wanted, and was really helpful in the design process. 

A different approach to us than normal, as Mahena was planning on directing traffic to her site from social media platforms, rather than typical SEO, given that the personal training niche is so competitive, and she has a loyal following already.


Houseplantarama was a personal project that I worked on with my business partner, to bring our love of plants and simple white t-shirts to life! 

As an ecommerce website, it presented its own challenges that I loved to overcome, and the overall design and layout is something we will always be tweaking and adjusting as ideas develop.


Upholstered Adelaide

Upholstered Adelaide is an SA owned and run upholstery business based in the CBD. Owner Bec Trimmer is an exceptional craftsperson, who can help you bring life back into your furniture.

Working with Bec was a pleasure – she has an eye for detail, and wanted her website to be a showcase of her work, the fabrics, the textures, and the details that she takes great pride in.

Offering her upholstery services to residential clients, commercial projects and her Learn Upholstery For Women customised Workshops meant that we had a good challenge to present several different facets of her business to all of her visitors.


Elementary Coffee

Elementary Coffee – roasters and cafe in the Adelaide CBD is the work of Brad & Carly who pour their passion into roasting exceptional beans and serving delicious, seasonal coffee and food pairings in their venue.

Working with them on this website was a pleasure to be able to showcase their products and passion to a broader audience.

Adding the shop function has allowed them to sell their coffee to an even wider retail market, and spread their brand further than Adelaide’s lunchtime coffee lovers.

Debbi Good

Debbi Good is an artist based in Adelaide, Australia, originally from England, who specialises in porcelain painting. Her body of work is immense, and she came to us wanting a website to be her portfolio of her works and to let the pieces speak for themselves.

We have worked with her in identifying the purpose of the site – expanding the awareness of porcelain painting, and to reach a bigger & more global audience.

We are continuing to work with her to grow the traffic and the search engine rankings of this site.

Deliver It Group

Matt, Deliver It Group’s Owner came to us with an old out-dated website that his business had completely outgrown. He had expanded his business, undergone a branding overhaul, and extended his services, so it was time for his website to receive some attention as well.

We were able to work with him to build a site that showcases his business and the variety of services they offer their clientele. We have also enabled the business to reach a broader audience by ensuring the website targets the correct search terms for his ideal clients, bringing in valuable and qualified leads to his business.

Another great South Australian business serving other SA businesses that we had the pleasure of working with.


Modest Hugh

When Restaurateur Warren was relaunching his business in Flemington, Victoria, he reached out to us to help with building a website and presence that would present his new venture in a simple, clean, yet slightly intriguing, mysterious way. The wine bar, diner, and boutique wine shop has a lot to offer, and trying to convey that into the site while keeping it ‘business card’ like was a challenge were happy to take on. With targeted research we have been able to build this site and rank it for valuable keywords in a few short months which has helped to establish this new business.

First Things First Coffee

James & Aaron built First Things First Coffee together into a thriving drive through coffee shop serving quality specialty coffee and good food to Adelaide’s commuters. The business had grown to a certain level with social media, but after a while, they were only sharing their messages to their followers, and not reaching a new audience. Thats where the website came in – to have a site that is built with the target clients in mind, means they can expand their reach and serve more customers each day.

Do You Read Me

This project came about as a collaboration between myself and one of my childhood idols – Australian Author Isobelle Carmody.

Isobelle put out a call for help on social media which I answered offering to help her endeavour by building her cause a website. This was not something she had considered, and we worked to together to build the website as a means to make it easier to take donations and orders for T-shirts raising awareness of the treatment of refugees in Australian detention centres.

This is a cause close to our hearts and we were honoured to be able to donate our skills to such a worthy cause.

Redstone IT

Redstone IT are an Adelaide based IT company offering IT solutions to businesses across the state. Jamie came to me needing a website that his customers could find, that showcased his services, and was easy to navigate. He had a clear vision of what he needed, which made our job very simple and straight- forward. We were also able to ensure that his business was listed in all of the relevant business directories so that his customers could find him easily.


Adelaide based Ultra Violet Specialists contacted us for a new website as their old site was not mobile friendly, and was a confusing layout for their huge array of UV products that they offer.

The brief was simple – a clear layout for the various types of uses for all of the products they offered, so that their customers could understand all of the options and feel more informed.

Geoff Gibbons

Adelaide-based artist & printmaker Geoff Gibbons wanted a clean, simple online portfolio that showcased his vast array of mediums and works. 

The brief was simple as the artworks spoke for themselves and needed no fanfare.

We also needed to incorporate the latest security technology to protect his images from being downloaded.

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